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take a look at these images. high-rises in tokyo rocking back and forwards but still left standing after the 8.9 quake.
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this is what they are designed to do. the violent earthquake sk shook for five long minutes which felt like an eternity for those that had to ride it out. >> and watch these people. it's amazing how calm customers and employees, when the shaking inside the department store. good evening, i'm dan ashley. people woke up to devastation. here is what we know right now. 413 people are dead, 784 are missing and 1128 are injured. country continues to be rattled by aftershocks, more than a hundred in the past 24 hours, the largest 7.1 magnitude. that is an aftershock stronger than our loma prieta quake. now, the latest. >> fresh pictures from the tsunami as the sun rises in japan revealing massive plumes of smoke, fires burning out of
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control and entire neighborhoods simply washed away and survivors gathered on roofs. in one parking lot, a joint s.o.s.. >> this is where it all starts. 2:46 local time. debris rains down as people rush out into the streets stunned. >> back inside this bookstore you can see the fear and incomprehension on the face of the workers. at the same moment, frantic scenes playing out across the country. ground beneath our feet gives way.
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school children running for their lives. news anchors wearing helmets on air and television in this office rattling uncontrollably. [ siren ] >> then round two as the tsunami siren wails. >> furious wave comes roaring in at 500 miles an hour with others lined up behind it. the walls of water crash a store with astonishing power, ma rowdy go across the countryside swallowing everything in the way. >> it looks like the tsunami has been enveloping the port. you are seen live footage of the
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tsunami. this is what is happening right as we speak. it build into a toxic treacherous soup of cars, boats and houses, some of them on fire. watch as this irresistible liquid invasion creates water falls and rips this home right off its foundation. it destroys an entire village. to get a sense of the scale of this thing. check out this lone man on the back of a truck seemingly so small against the onslaught yards away. or look at this boat, on the cus
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a massive whirlpool or a ship struggling to stay upright. as of right now the official toll of dead and missing stands at 1,000. it will likely go up. a ferry carrying hundred people is still missing as is entire passenger train carrying an unknown number of people. >> and the earthquake knocked out power causing a nuclear power plant to lose its kroolg system. japan declared a state of the emergency at the plant the first ever. chris cuomo has more on that. >> the power plant is one of the largest and oldest nuclear power plants in the world. now, it is in great jeopardy. >> the immediate crisis period is right now extending over the next five to six hours, but it takes at least two days to cool a reactor down completely. >> nuclear plants use the energy
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from uranium to make electricity. uranium operates at 3400 degrees. to keep it from getting hotter, water cools the uranium core. the problem is the earthquake and tsunami combined as a one-two punch. they believe knocking out the primary and back-up water pumps. if there is no water, there is no cooling. pressure build which could trigger a release of steam in the environment. if the water level drops enough the uranium core is exposed and temperatures can rise up to 5,000 degrees causing a meltdown. >> they are not designed the worst case accident. they are only built the most likely. if you do that, eventually you're going to hit a worse case and that is what happened today. >> the only nuclear accident in u.s. history happened in 1979 at three-mile island. a one-two punch was to blame.
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a broken valve leaked out steam. the core melted down. most dangerous kind of nuclear accident. thankfully tragedy was avoided because the containment wall remained intact. >> no significant amount of radioactivity was released from the three-mile island plant. the impact on the local population was essentially zero. >> u.c. berkeley engineering team discussed the impact on the power plant. increase of 1,000 times normal radiation in the control room. experts say those levels are not drowsinessly, they are certainly concerned that there is any radiation leak at all. nuclear engineering professor says this type of leak is unprecedented. >> the leak was so gigantic that
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there is a high probability that the containment and pressure vessel were damaged. so, it should be combined in the containment systems is now leaking into a control room and eventually to the environment. >> the professor says it should take engineers two to three days to cool down the reattacker and avoid any further radiation releases. after the earthquake, the tsunami, biggest wave was a monstrous 23 feet high. you assembling how it compares to a person. it took about seven hours and 30 minutes to travel from japan to hawaii, then another two hours and ten minutes to get to us in the bay area. the area that took the brunt of it, santa cruz. one large surge hit around 4:30 this afternoon. here is the surge that hit late
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today. there have been many more surges the early ones were the most damaging when the first waves came ashore. the latest on that from john alston who is live with the story. john, really remarkable pictures we saw in santa cruz today? >> yeah, just crashing through this little harbor, this narrow inlet. we have been here since about 6:00 tonight and watched the water behind us go in and out all evening. no wave but certainly a potent current has been going through here all evening in and out every 15-20 minutes. behind me you may be able to see on the dock what is left of a rowing shell from u.c. santa cruz, that gold and blue being sheared in half. that is from the rowing club which lost all the shells as well as several vessels to train and compete in the ocean. because of the tsunami, u.c. santa cruz open water rowing
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club is now effectively gone. the power of the ocean put on repeat performances all day. this wave came coming through causing more damage and more anxiety. >> the water, it's so far out there, the boats are almost to the ground and back in. boats are turning over and it's pretty scary. >> reporter: with the sun about to set. harbor crews rushed to corral the last boats to get loose. one had a hunk of dock fochd attached to side. people came out and tried to help. >> watching the carnage happening, all my friends are leaving their boats and they don't know what it is like. >> reporter: more than a hundred boats were damaged. more than 30 to 40 were a total
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loss. scott was fortunate. >> i watched the surges come in. you don't have any idea the power of the water until you see it in action like this. this is something a lot of people did not expect. >> reporter: back live, you are looking at partially submerged sailboat in the harbor. harbor patrol will be out here on land making sure servicing tied down and are moored down. they will be making land surveys to make sure no no other boats get loose. >> john, when is the first wave came ashore, did some have a chance to secure them a little better or people like to move them out to sea? >> some people did get here in time, but as the water came in,
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everybody scattered. authorities kept everyone back for a while. they were calling off and closing off the area but some people did get down here to check on their boats. for several hours, they really clamped down. no one was allowed in the harbor, they watched from the hill tops and finally just before 5:00, they opened it up and we saw a number of people checking their damage on their boats and making sure everything was okay. they'll be back tomorrow just in case. >> just remarkable how it traveled thousands of miles. >> it's worth noting in the 1906 san francisco earthquake there was a tsunami but inside the bay it's called different. within ten minutes, a five-foot wall of water smashed into the west berkeley lumber company. it cost an estimated 50,000 feet of lumber into the bay. although no one else was around
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at the time, it wasn't even 5:30 in the morning he did manage to climb to safety. >> president says he is supporting japan. what happened in japan, and silicon valley. the impact on business and high-tech goods. >> tsunami advisory is in effect for the bay area but wave heights is getting lower. accu-weather forecast is also coming up. >> as we go into the break, you can see what the scheme wave looked like. this youtube video was shot from this youtube video was shot from an emery this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points.
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>> president obama spent an usually long time asking questions about a variety of issues from the quake in japan to unrest in libya. as karen travers reports, one primary topics hit close to home. >> after addressing the news out of japan, president obama turned his attention that he had the press conference in the first place. rising energy prices. over the last two weeks, gas prices have soared. national average is now 3.54 per gallon. >> families feel the pinch every time they feel fill up the tank. for americans facing tough times it's an added burden. >> to ease the pain at the pump, the president was willing to tap in the petroleum strategic reserve. >> obviously we have it teed up.
9:17 pm
this is situation where it would take a big bureaucracy and several weeks to implement. this is something that would take several days. >> the president said americans are tired of hearing rhetoric from politicians. in the is part of the reason for the rising prices is continued unrest in the middle east including libya. he stopped short of calling military action against muammar khadafy but says a no-fly zone over the nation is possibility. >> we are slowly tightening the noose on khadafy. he is isolated internationally both through sanctions as well as an arms embargo. >> they announced financial sanctions against khadafy's wife and four of his sons part of the effort to get the libyan leader to defect.
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>> stocks rebounded because of crude oil prices. investors are still gauging the fallout of the earthquake but it pushed crude back down to hundred dollars a barrel. on the expectation of a rebuilding effort in japan, infrastructure related companies caterpillar gained 2% and a.k.steel was up 6%. japan linked stocks were in the red. mitsubishi was down 2.7. stocks throughout asia did take a big hit. you can see they went down 1-2% in end of the week trading. >> with japan's massive quake is causing ripples in the high-tech world. how the devastation there is impacting and will impact silicon valley. >> damage reports from the high-tech companies are still
9:19 pm
coming in but intel 600 employees are safe. same for google, both companies say damage not significant. microsoft and san sonic are assessing damage. one sony factory, the ground floor flooded. the biggest impact will be felt in chip manufacturing. >> the country produces somewhere in the order of 30-40% of the total world consumption of semi conductors. >> the nan flash memory chips, cell phones, music and ipods and players. we'll see a shortage. >> the shortage would really hit in april and may. >> but this afternoon, the toshiba plant on the south side of tokyo, it's already back in production. with that kind of turnaround, it is unlikely any short term shortable will drive up prices,
9:20 pm
silicon valley on the whole, he says there is no question the economic impact will be felt here. some companies will benefit, others will be hurt. >> there will be some situations where american companies may fill the gap burr most of the situation, we depend on japan for parts. if it's really bad news for silicon valley but not devastating news. >> the president and ceo of joint ventures, the quake, what would happen if it happened here. >> we have service providers, first responders might be the world's best. >> the batted news is the disaster planning has been done city by city without a regional plan. >> hope that south bay will begin working on a regional plan. an earthquake of the same magnitude is coming. >> let's turn to spencer christian.
9:21 pm
we started last night with a tsunami watch, it became a warning and advisory. spencer christian is here with the latest on the conditions. >> you are right. the tsunami advisory remains into effect. that means tsunami levels are lowering now down to about three feet but the advisory remains in effect. dangerous currents and surges are still possible. greatest risk is harbors and marinas and be advised to stay out of the water and off the beaches until that advisory is lifted. on to our weather, temperatures right now in the 50s near the bay. upper 40s in the outlying areas. it's going to be quite chilly in some inland locations. slight chance of showers, rain is likely, sunday afternoon and evening. let's move to satellite and radar, high pressure still controlling factor. we have an active storm track. all he is disturbances moving generally in our direction. we have an active weather
9:22 pm
pattern through all of next week. animation at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon at which point we'll see a little patches of light rainfall around the bay area during the overnight hours we'll see it mainly up in the north bay. then on sunday, we'll see the rain come more organized in the afternoon hours and start to push in to wider expanse of the bay area. that will continue through sunday evening and sunday night by 11:00. rainfall totals will be like this. anywhere from .01, east bay, one-tenth to 2/10s. higher totals in the north bay 2/10s to .6. north bay mountains, up to one inch. it's going to be chilly side in some spots. 40s for the remainder of the bay. tomorrow mild conditions in the south bay.
9:23 pm
high temperatures in the low to mid-60s. 63 palo alto and mountain view. 61 in san mateo. north bay highs will range from upper 50s in sausalito, to low 60s in napa and santa rosa. mainly low 60s in the east bay. east bay, a little milder, low to mid-60s there. and near monterey bay, low 60s near the bay. mid 60s inland. accu-weather seven-day forecast, so just a slight chance of showers at some time. greater chance of rain starting sunday afternoon into sunday night and monday morning. partial clearing but periods of rain tuesday through thursday. friday, clouds will hang around
9:24 pm
but perhaps we'll be rain free by then. a group of firefighters from japan are here in the bay area learning how to rescue people in an earthquake. they want to get home. questions about how
9:25 pm
9:26 pm
coastguard has called off the search for a man who was swept out to sea in northern california. he was taking photos of the tsunami at the mouth of kla math river when a powerful wave dragged him away. it crested at more than eight feet. california highway patrol estimate 35 boats were damaged or sunk by the surge. >> there is one group in the bay
9:27 pm
area that is being hit particularly hard by the devastation in japan. a group of japanese firefighters that have been here all week conducting search and rescue training with menlo park fire department. wayne freedman reports how they are reacting to the disaster back home. >> fire protection district trains squads from other place, but real took on a new meaning. when mike returns to japan he and fellow firemen will be doing there what they did here today and with some of these from the park. the difference it will be different. >> we got the news around 10:00. >> an interpreter, said the men are frustrated. out of all the times to leave for training, they picked the week of the worst natural disaster in memory. they are long way from home.
9:28 pm
>> have you talked to her? >> i don't know. >> is she okay? >> i don't know. >> they don't know house they will get back. -- they don't know how soon. until they get home, this is the best way to spend their time. a final day of training with weeks and probably months to follow. >> going out to the farmland, we just couldn't see anything. >> i've never seen justify a big tsunami. >> one other interesting note about the firefighters, when they come over from japan they pay their own airfare and they pay for the class.
9:29 pm
originally they were going to do sightseeing in san francisco but now they want to get back as soon as possible. >> when we continue tonight. >> high buildings are advice visible but houses have been washed away from the foundations. >> new pictures from japan what people are waking up to after the monster earthquake. also especially trained unity in the east bay waiting for orders to head to japan. unique skills they will be able to offer if they go. plus, struggling with silence. a bay area woman trying to3q
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it is saturday afternoon now in japan. nearly 24 hours after the earthquake, cars or fire and there is a desperate search for survivors. the infrastructure in japan is just a mess. roadways split in two, chopped up as you can see here like broken cookies. despite that damage, few countries are better prepared than japan. strict building codes but there is no way that it could be ready for a tsunami. elizabeth vargas reports on how it unfolded. >> a horrifying picture of a nation at mercy. the wave struck hardest in the north of japan. a dark debris sea of water and
9:33 pm
mud enveloping everything in its path. the landscape offering little resistance. in all the waves pummeled 1300 mile stretch of japanese coastline. ships caught in the whirlpool, waves breaking over embankments. an airport swallowed up hole. so many were trying to escape the mountain of debris barreling by and this family waving white towels. it all started early this morning, 15 miles below the surface. the earth plate shifted and immediately shocking the earth creating the catastrophic earthquake, but when those plates shifted they also pushed the ocean's water sending it on 43 mile journey straight into
9:34 pm
the shore. it appeared to be small waves. devastation hid beneath the water. we can't see them until they come to the shallow water of a shoreline. alarms did sound. japan has an early warning system that sends alerts to radio and television but the minutes of warning weren't nearly enough. >> worst damage here in the bay area, santa cruz harbor. nannette miranda filed this report earlier tonight. >> we just wanted, tsunami surges generated by the powerful earthquake in japan set up destruction in santa cruz harbor. boats ended up in position we normally don't see. >> they don't look like much but they carry a lot of power.
9:35 pm
it's water displacement in the harbor coming in and receding out. it's incredible the amount of power that these surges have behind them. >> here is a surge coming in now. surges are hard to navigate even for authorities. you can see why spectators watched this for hours. one santa cruz county supervisor estimates some million in damage so far. leo doesn't want to add to that total and desperately tried to save his boat. he and good samaritans risked their lives. coastguard warned them it's unsafe because of the power and unpredictability of surges.
9:36 pm
the group god lucky. >> did a lot of damage and keel broke but if we get it out of the water we might be able to save it. >> he knows how disastrous could be after jumping in to save one of his jet skis. >> i had to jump in and pulled it back in and the next thing you know, the surge came back in. >> governor brown declared a state of emergency in four counties including santa cruz county. state, fish and game is providing four boats to pick up loose debris. >> google launched a person finding app for the victims of the japan earthquake. you can log on to find a loved one. we have link to that app and how to donate on our website at that app may help with loved ones in japan. there is a lot of waiting and
9:37 pm
worrying as they try to make contact back home. here is heather ishimaru. >> in fremont, she is glued to her laptop hoping for word about her dad. she is from sendai, the city hardest hit by the tsunami. her mom is visiting family in another part of japan so much-year-old dad was home alone when the quake hit. she started calling this morning when she found out what happened. >> i called my dad first. the land line didn't connect and then i tried his cell phone and nothing worked. >> this is miller's son at the bullet train station and the family picture of the parents' house. now he is not sure what is left of the hometown. >> earlier it was scary. >> she is hoping her dad has gone to evacuation center and
9:38 pm
will call as soon as his power comes back on. she believes his house was not in tsunami's path. >> friends that went to the airport and try to figure out where they are and see where my dad is. >> in japantown, steffan jordan is waiting to talk to his wife that is visiting family. other relatives says she is okay. >> i was going to call the airlines and ask but there is enough going on light now. we'll hear this afternoon i'll make a call. >> jordan's 14-year-old daughter stayed home from school today. it just didn't feel right to go. >> reporter: and they have spent every summer in kyodo and she is worried about mom despite assurance she is okay.
9:39 pm
heather ishimaru, "abc 7 news." >> there is good reason to worry. many are missing. a boat is missing. even one of japan's bullet train is nowhere to be found. an oakland based urban search and rescue team. they may be needed. if they make the trip, skills and training could save lives. laura anthony has that story. >> oakland's task force four spent the morning checking their equipment waiting for the call that could send them to japan. >> when and if the government of fema and foreign disaster assistance, they activate the team, then we come to warehouses such as here. we are given six hours before we are en route to japan. >> they were dispatched after hurricane katrina and the earthquake in haiti but the images of introduction on such a
9:40 pm
massive -- destruction scale. >> when you have earthquake and tsunami, you have isolation of the earth plus a major health hazards. >> of great concern, potential leakage from the disabled nuclear reactor. if tack force four are sent to japan, they will bring the equipment and expertise to work in a potentially radio active environment. >> ever since we realized that bomb can take a building down, and it can be a dirty bomb, that the teams are realizing you need to be well-equipped to work in a radiation field. >> but first, they have to get the call, an agonizing wait for people that know they could help if they could get to japan. >> it's hard for any urban and search and rescue person to sit and watch these events evolve through the media and not want to be there.
9:41 pm
just ahead.... >> live video. >> japan wakes up to chaos. when we come back
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9:43 pm
we want to show you pictures
9:44 pm
you may not have seen in the aftermath of the earthquake off the coast of japan. this is sendai airport. tsunami begin to hit the island and look what happens as the water sweeps over, 11 minutes to be more precise, it shut the airport down. runways were flooded. you can see the jet way as the water surges in. this is remarkable power, unstoppable power. as we have reported, it reached up in the morning in santa cruz and other places on the california coast. as the earthquake shook japan so savagely overnight. they described it from their offices. listen to some of the coverage. >> let's go back to what happened in 20 minutes in the sendai newsroom. this is what it looked like
9:45 pm
earlier on. cabinets falling. looks like a tsunami has been enveloping in the port. it looks like it's engulfed several cities. live footage as the tsunami has struck the area obviously engulfing farms, homes i long side the river you can see the white tsunami wave moving rapidly upstream. there is obviously somebody inside that building waving a white towel seeking help. >> a large earthquake magnitude 9.4 has hit japan. it has led to a fire at an oil refinery completely under control.
9:46 pm
a large inferno. >> some of the reporters in japan describing what happened. >> still to come, a look at the other stories making news including the san francisco police misconduct case [ jerry ] look at this! but the savings account of a cave-man!
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defensive department has identified a soldier to from alameda that died in an explosion in afghanistan yesterday. 27-year-old staff sergeant eric true blood was killed when he was attacked by an ide in kandahar province. >> the district attorney has called on the f.b.i. and the u.s. attorney's office to conduct an investigation. d.a. george gascon it's because new information has come to light and the district attorney's office doesn't have the resources the public defenders. they released surveillance video of several undercover officers claiming they broke the law in several drug and robbery cases. nearly 60 days have been thrown out as a result. >> people spent hours in lane outside bay area apple stores to get the first new ipad 2.
9:50 pm
this the line in emeryville which stretched for several blocks. there was a huge line in apple store in san francisco. new ipad is thinner, lighter and faster with two cameras. they did not take pre-orders so anyone that wants to buy one will have to wait in line. people waiting for delivery, they will begin to sell them online early this morning. >> let's go back and talk to spencer christian. she using our technology to track the tsunami advisory in the wake of this terrible earthquake. >> just in the past. there has been a lot of seismic activity. there have been aftershocks raging in intensity from up to 5.3 magnitude. let me show you animation came from noaa research showing the propagation of the tsunami from the point of the earthquake all the way over to the bay area
9:51 pm
about nine and a half hours and extended all the way down to south america. the force is unbelievable. the tsunami advisory is still in effect, dangerous currents could still occur. here is accu-weather seven-day forecast. slight chance of rain tomorrow. periods of rain tuesday and wednesday and thursday. so next week is going to be a wet and active week. >> let's go to larry beil. if you are football fan, these are tense times. >> and for warrior fans with the game with orlando. settlement talks, new the circus has begun. lockout went into effect minutes ago. can reasonable people fig
9:52 pm
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coming up a the 11:00, passengers worried about friends and family. how one of oldest restaurants is helping earthquake victims. sports director larry beil is here. walkout is in effect. >> as of this moment, no business can be conducted for the league. talks between n.f.l. players and
9:55 pm
players broke down. certification followed, litigation is next and tonight the n.f.l. did actually lock out its players. players and owners were trying to divide up nine billion in annual revenue. the owners wanted to take a billion off the table. the union said show us your books, prove you are losing money, we'll help you out. the owner says no, the union wanted to go to court from the get go. >> it was a commitment to litigate as we said all along. that is unfortunate because all it means that the eventual resolution of this business dispute is going to be delayed. >> meet us halfway and provide with us a justification for saying no to a new collective bargaining agreement. >> so what does this all mean? the players union dissolved. that means they are now free to file antitrust lawsuits which tom brady and peyton manning
9:56 pm
have already done. that would try to prevent from locking lock out. it's all in the hands of the judge which has ruled against the n.f.l. and ruled in favor of the players in past. one says the players don't believe the owners are hurting financially and can't understand why they need to give a billion dollars back. >> owners don't want to open up and be totally transparent, asking for x-amount of dollars back and not showing us reasons why. you say you need money back, you should back that up. we're smart individuals. waver not going to take any old deal. >> we'll see how it plays out. >> n.b.a., warriors back home facing superman and his friends, dwight howard and the orlando magic. howard doing the worm or trying
9:57 pm
to. superman, he can do the magic for 21. warriors in a huge way. they were down and alley-oop and reverse, white with 16 third quarter points. in the fourth, and curry is on fire. he hits the triple and then rice another huge 3. they take the lead and over a minute to go, munte they were up 100-96. they hit a late three to tie it and it's 101-101 and they are going to overtime. how about the women's tournament in arizona. wildcats did not handle the sisters. shanay, she had 21. had a that is even better. she goes for 32. stanford vans to the pac-10
9:58 pm
finals. cardinal will win the ucla contest. bears in trouble, down 19. and still cal down at the break. ucla held on to the lead. here a jumper. browns roll 63-50. >> and san jose state trying to upset utah state. will carter, baseline jumper. soar for the video there. james walker iii, spartans 58-54 loss to the top-seeded aggies. after two years, sabercats were back and back with a vengeance. time to throw if you know what is good for you. out in full force and dressing up, they have the stuff in the closet for two years. interception, dwight mcclain, nobody is catching dwight mcclain.
9:59 pm
6-6, 34-14. he fires to flowers. second hookup of the game. with four touchdowns and right now the sabercats are putting a whooping on the shock. spring training, i'm going give the souvenir. giants and padres, brandon bell, opposite powers, giants with four runs in the first off of matt latos. in the fourth, and mike fontano, giants win 6-4. the brewers beat the a's by a count of 4-3. >> that could be it for a while. >> that is it for this edition. for all of us here, thank you for watching. we hope to see you again in one hour over

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